AwakeX Platform

The AWAKEX will be a Broker-Dealer SEC-licensed trading platform, built as a high performance, low latency system layered on top of a distributed ledger for efficient, and low-cost settlement.Coming soon, try our tech out today!

Coming Soon

Private Equity 2.0

True decentralization of the private equity world means making private equity and other asset classes available to Main Street not just Wall Street.

Smart Issuance

Smart Issuance enables an offering to gain global visibility directly via the exchange, such that an investor base could be reached more efficiently.

Increased Liquidity

Distributed ledger brings highly divisible ownership at an extremely low per unit cost, the requirement for investment minimums can be dramatically lowered or eliminated altogether

Lower Cost

Removing the need for counterparties to trust each other increases transaction efficiency and reduces costs.


Our firm will be operating under a FINRA Broker Dealer license as well as an ATS license., allowing the platform to truly work with any asset classes.

Our Advantage

AwakeX brings together innovative technology, industry experience, and unique deal flows to revolutionize the state of private equity.

Open to US & Globally Accredited Investors

Transact in the world’s largest market, and globally on high quality assets.

Multi Asset Class Opportunities

Prime real estate, collectibles, private pre-IPO companies.

Full-Service End-to-End Fintech Ecosystem

Our service provides starting from compliant smart issuance on our platform, conduct an initial offering, to listing on the AwakeX exchange.

Low fees

By leveraging innovative distributed ledger technology, we reduce overhead cost of issuance, and trading.

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Join us on this exciting era of Private Equity 2.0 and connect with us for deeper discussion on partnership opportunities.

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